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Sauna Vienna

A sauna in Vienna – without your clothes on, of course!

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Vienna, its opera, its dances, its ancient boulevards and its famous Eve concert: thanks to its imperial charm that carries a hint of former grandeur, the Austrian capital attracts more than a tourist. However, there are few who dare to go out of its historic center, described in every corner and in every tourist guide. Of course there is the obligatory visit to the Schönbrunn Castle. And for the more adventurous, a walk along the Danube will be a great trip. The tourists’ opinion after a romantic weekend in Vienna usually is: “It’s beautiful, but a bit posh!”


If what you want is to discover the true essence of the Viennese, simply leave the first quarter – the historic centre.And now take a new look around.There are nude people… in the intimacy of a sauna.

Do you dare?

We usually forget that 1 – Vienna is a city located in the centre of a region full of hot springs. 2 – People go absolutely naked to the saunas in Austria and 3 – the gender-mixing is the norm. Men and women of all ages meet together in a few square meters, warming up, sweating together, without clothes. And even without a towel. The Germans and the Nordic people are used to it, but the idea still strikes the Italians, the French, the Spanish, the English, the Portuguese, the Belgians and the Hungarians (although these are true experts in thermal baths). Is Vienna really posh?

You’ll find dry Finnish saunas with herbs and spices, Turkish baths that are often at the centre of popular thermal resorts with outdoor springs – where you can wear swimwear-. You can go to the Römertherme or Oberlaa hot springs in Baden, a town about ten kilometers from Vienna: they are two springs connected by tram and highly appreciated by the inhabitants of Vienna. Amalienbad also has a fabulous pool, an art deco gem situated at the height of Reumanplatz and where we can find a few saunas. Then warm yourself up, relax and discover the totally naked Viennese saunas. Rest like a Viennese and rent apartments in Vienna.

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