Thursday, March 18, 2010

Erwin Olaf Madrid

Who is Erwin Olaf?

This admirable provocateur artist was born in Holland in 1959. He is a famous photographer, known for his works about sex, beauty, desire, violence, freedom, and critique towards the hypocrisy of the society. He takes care of every detail in every moment: perfectionism, pure and simple. Everything is where it should be. His work is endowed with a great visual beauty. All his works are impressive and full of an admirable sensitivity. Many of them enjoy a very special humour.


‘Chessmen’ is the series that launched him to international fame. It’s very surreal, with that special touch that characterizes him. We have to highlight these naked fetishists’ bodies. In recognition for his art, he was awarded the first prize in the “Young European Photographer Competition.”

This peculiar genius also works in the advertising world. He has done various commercials for well known brands such as Nokia, BMW, Levi’s, Camel, etc.

This fascinating artist works with black and white, colour and has also immersed himself in the digital world, with short films, video clips and movies such as “Tadzio” (1991), “Grip” (1998), “The most beautiful Kisses” and his first film, “Captain Tom” (2005).

One of his highlight works is “Mind of Their Own”, which shows disabled children between 6 months and 26 years old. He uses very bright colours. Their eyes are very penetrating.

We should also talk about the incredible series called “Mature” dealing with women between 60 and 90 years as models posing almost naked and in very erotic poses.

Other very good works are ‘Fashion Victims’, where he worked for famous brands and he showed very slender bodies; ‘Royal blood’ shows members of royalty who have died in a horrible and unfortunate way or ‘Paradise’ has gruesome images of clowns, crazy looks and lust.

‘Rain and Hope’ is another of his great works made between 2004 and 2005. They show everyday people in the sixties that look like they are standing at the time. His characters seem a bit lonely and sad. They seem taken from one of the films of David Lynch, with whom he has collaborated with several times.

Erwin Olaf is working with the Espacio Mínimo Gallery in Madrid. If you want to see more of Erwin Olaf, you can rent Apartments in Madrid and enjoy his incredible work.

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