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Armando Andrade Barcelona

Armando Andrade Tudela in the MACBA Chapel

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Last Thursday in the MACBA chapel an exposition of Peruvian conceptual artist Armando Andrade Tudela was inaugurated. Chus Martínez is responsible for curatorial projects of the museum. This expo opens a new challenge for the expositive space, improving a work that was specifically created to be presented in that place. This is a direct relation between the piece of art and the architectonic concept of the space.


The work of the denominated artist “Without Title” (2010) includes two films of 16 mm recently produced by the artist and a piece of wall composed by a game of marks, Passe-partouts and crystals, that establishes a strange a-synchrony between form and content. All the present elements are thought to fit the image and from there constitute a figure. Thus, the image is not other than the rebellion of everything what would have to be to the margin of it instead of constituting a new image. The “alteration” of the form and the primary function of those specific objects of an artistic method investigate our relation with the images and our capacity to locate them in a context with cultural sense.

The film shows one of these places where, for diverse reasons, different furniture and devices are going to stop. The accumulation of objects originates an accumulation of forms, forms that have not been thought by nature but by man and they are a part of the history of “design”, of the history of the adaptation of the form to the uses in order to create styles.

The work, that will remain open until the 6 of June of 10:00 to 19:00 hours, constantly establishes bonds with the history of modernity, the history of architecture and its reception in Latin America. But, more than to refer to concrete projects, Armando Andrade Tudela alludes to the very fact of the osmosis that exists between the widespread and known architecture of the Fifties and the rest that is not in forgetfulness but represents its ghost, its other image.

The three works, along with the architecture of the exhibition made by the artist, are independent and interdependent works. The set of these three works sink in, an effective way which interests Armando Andrade Tudela as he drills through its production. You can comfortably visit it booking Apartments in Barcelona.

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