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African Cinema Milan

African, Latin American and Asian Milan Film Festival

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For 20 years, the city of Milan has organized a unique film festival of African, Asian, and Latin American culture in Italy. This is an extraordinary event that leads us to discover new horizons in independent cinema, away from the blockbusters and commercial topics. From March 15th to the 21st, 80 movies and short films will be screened in five cinemas in the Lombardy capital, a temptation that nobody can resist.


Windows on the world

A festival that invites 50 countries from the southern hemisphere is not common. Thanks to this festival, every year Milan rewards those continents, from which cinema is least present in our cinematographic culture: Africa, Latin America and Asia. There are two traditional sections: “Windows on the World Competitions” where films and documentaries from the three continents participate; and two reserved for Africa: the Best Film Award and the Best Short Film Award.

Outside of the dark rooms, you can take advantage of the Festival Centre, a meeting point that has been set up for visitors to see exhibitions (dance…), have a coffee, to participate in workshops or to play games… all inspired by the cultures of these three continents.

Sport in African society

Moreover, this year South Africa hosts the Soccer World Cup, so the festival will also focus on the relationship between football and Africa. With the recent release of ‘Invictus’ in cinemas, we discovered that rugby was a means of union amongst the people from this country under the leadership of Nelson Mandela. The social role of football, women soccer players as well as the trafficking of young prodigies are some of the topics that reflect the latest on sport in Africa.

“Where is Africa?”

Some countries such as Uganda, Mali, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya and Mozambique shot videos that will be seen in Milan (these videos have already been presented at the African film festival in Rotterdam). The language will not be a problem since all films are subtitled in both English and Italian.

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