Friday, March 5, 2010

star wars concert

Star Wars in Concert, George Lucas’ New Trick

Star Wars fanatics who in line all night in theatres to watch the new adventures of Han Solo, the Clones or Chewbacca! If you are depressed because you can’t glimpse in a near future any brand new episode of the most famous saga in film history…cheer up and, please, hold back your euphoria, we don’t want you to have a heart attack: George Lucas is determined to keep his double trilogy alive in everybody’s mind for long, long time. His latest trick is ‘Star Wars: In Concert’: a magnificent multimedia performance with a 90-piece symphony orchestra— scores of elite musicians synchronizing with mathematical precision and with a wholeheartedly dedication to the perfection of the music before them.


Then there are the images from the Star Wars movies playing on the screen suspended above the musicians, with visuals crafted by massive teams of artists. And all of it — every note, sound and laser blast — originates in the human imagination. The audience also could enjoy other famous works by composer John Williams, like ‘Jaws’, ‘Superman’, ‘E.T.’ or ‘Indiana Jones’.

A motley audience
The show, which is a success wherever it goes, is a true multi-media experience, featuring a giant, specially constructed LED screen, onto which the film sequences are projected.

And, of course, the audience couldn’t be ‘normal’, in this case. Although there are many parents with their newly-bewitched children. Disguised people as Darth Vader, Jedi or Imperial Soldiers and, yeah, with the unavoidable Lightsabre.

It becomes virtually impossible for Star Wars fans not to enjoy this show, which was produced by Another Planet Touring and Lucasfilm.

If you are a true fan, then you’ll do your best to not miss this great show. The appointment will take place in Pabellon Atlantico of Lisbon, 22 and 23 of March. Book Apartments in Lisbon, the best choice for your stay in the beautiful city…….and may the force be with you!

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