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Economy Class Syndrome

The Economy Class Syndrome

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We use to envy those people who do frequently business travels to New York, Japan or Latin America. But all that glitters is not gold… Have you thought about how many hours do all those people spend in an airplane in their life? They have to bear hours and hours of flight, squeezed between two rows of seats, with barely enough space to read and drink at the same time. We forget we have legs, except when we get up… And this is the moment when the economy class syndrome appears: this is a pulmonary venous pathology that concern very much to the World Health Organization (WHO) since the late 90s.


Economy class or business class?

While the people in the business class enjoy a hot meal huddled under a blanket in a comfortable seat, people in the Economy class try to survive. They have to endure nearly a day sitting like sardines, trying not to go to the toilet in order to not annoy their neighbour who is also struggling when turning the newspaper pages without invading space. When landing, your legs hurt and you can’t move right… The Economy Class Syndrome can cause edema, tingling, fatigue, numbness, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in severe cases.

WHO suggests that 3% of the people who frequently travel for long hours under these conditions, suffer from economy class syndrome. In 2001, the media alert about a case of the young Emma Christoferson (28 years old), who died suddenly after landing in London after long hours of flight from Australia. The autopsy revealed that she died because of a pulmonary embolism. Why do they not widen the spaces between the seats? Only the business class tourist have the right for more space?


In order not to make travelling a synonymous with torture, there is a solution. This remedy is called Flip-Flow, and is a inflatable circulatory stimulant that allows the economy class passengers to feel more comfortable. This
is an appliance for the feet that favours the venous return, the blood flow and the feet area microcirculation.

According to the researchers, the reason of the dangers of flying during long hours might have something to do with the conditions of the pressure and the oxygen of the airplane cabin. And especially in the case of predisposed people as obesity, chronically ill heart, pregnant women, diabetics, tumour patients, the elderly…

In order, wear comfortable clothes, do circles with the ankles, flexion the feet, raises the knees, try to walk, drink water, etc. so that your blood flows with normality, to prevent your numbness in your legs. Your body deserves a minimum of care!

And now you know how to avoid any problem during the flight, travel to Venice. It awaits you! For a relaxing and comfortable stay, without having to pay a business class price, rent apartments in Venice.

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manu said...

Economy Class Syndrome

“Economy Class Syndrome” or ECS is a disease stopper blood flow that usually occurs because it is too long or sit passively does not move in a place. ECS is usually always associated with the disease “difficult people” who are usually plane in economy class.

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