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Lisbon Nightlife

Why Lisbon night life is so amazing?

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It’s no secret that Lisbon holds one of the best night life’s in Europe. But for a stranger, it might look thrilling to find out what’s going on, where to go when there are so many things to do. You might find it bit challenging to find where to go in 24 de Julho Avenue, what are the best spots at Santos District, or where to find the best spots at the countless Bairro Alto bars. But there are some tips that might help you get the best out of the experience. Well, the better way to find out is to have a good “insider”, that shows you where the best places to go are.


But even if you are on your own, there are some things you should do and some things you shouldn’t do. First of all, do not forget: Lisbon night live doesn’t start early. Forget Nordic timetables: here locals start dinners at a restaurant after 9 PM, so if you don’t want to be surrounded only by tourists, don’t start your meal at 7 PM! The same applies when you look at a bar. If, at 9 pm, you can find crowded places in London, locals here only start to arrive to the party after 11 pm. And don’t even think on going to a disco at noon, if you don’t want to have it to your own! After 2/3 AM, it’s the appropriate time!

Then, you should choose the city areas that have the kind of offer you like the most. Areas are more or less well segmented, so it’s relatively easy to feel more identified with some city areas than with others. If you are more conventional, spots like docklands or Expo should be appropriate for your needs. If you like hipster, youngster crowds, maybe Santos can be a good choice. If you are up to gay ambient, Principe Real is the place for you.

Finally, no one can say they truly lived a Lisbon night life experience without spending at least a couple of nights in Bairro Alto.

Bairro Alto is where everything comes together. Its an old neighborhood, where you can find all the people mixed together, in an amazing and powerful combination. Punks head banging in their bars, trendy cafes and small clubs that hold some of Lisbon’s beautiful people, some of the most popular gay and gay friendly Lisbon Spots, libraries that works as coffee shops at night, art galleries with live concerts… Taking advantage of southern Europe’s mild climate, most of the action and socialization is done in the narrow streets, where the crowd set’s in front of their favorite spots, drinking, chilling, laughing and looking at who’s passing around. If you love crowds, weekends are your days. If you want a good compromise between lots of movement but not that crowded atmosphere, Wednesdays or Thursdays are the ideal days for a Bairro Alto night.

Lisbon is one of the most atmospheric European capitals to visit during the day, but don’t forget to save some energy to spend some of the best nights of your lifetime. Rent apartments in Lisbon to taste it.

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