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tattoos gay

The tattoos and the gay world

Symbols, cartoon characters, huge tribal, skulls, virgins, dragons, demons… tattoos are hot. To decorate the skin with permanent drawings is not a simple mode, but it is a way of understanding the beauty, the body and life. It’s no longer considered a trend belonging to any sexual orientation- thank God! -. How can someone think that homosexuality is just a trend? Ridiculous, don’t you think? In any case, it is true that tattoos and the gay world have crossed their paths and it seems that they do not to want to separate. Both have many things in common.

Tattoos Gay

Anyone who knows the history of homosexuality knows that it has been persecuted for centuries. The Nazis, for example, considered the gay people as sick and criminals, and the homosexuality was punishable with prison or death. The gay prisoners under the Hitler regime were identified with an inverted pink triangle in the concentration camps. That’s why today this symbol has become a political edge to the gay world.

You might wonder what has to do all this with tattoos… Although it is true that in many cultures, the tattoo has been a very common and accepted practice, in others it only has served to report the criminals (like the inverted pink triangle). In fact, until the boom of tattooing emerged, the tattooed people were considered criminals or drug addicts. As you see, both tattoos as homosexuality have suffered big stigmas. And to think that nowadays it is almost impossible to find young people without tattooing! And who does not know any happy gay couple in love?

The symbols are the most powerful communication tool that has existed because of its ability to convey a meaning and an intention. Because of that symbols are the most popular tattoos… The gay world is also full of symbols of pride and vindication. There are symbols for everyone: for gay, for lesbians, for bisexuals, for transsexuals, etc.

You probably know that the rainbow is a symbol of gay pride, but you know why? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with signs such as pink triangles, black triangles, red ribbons and many different flags that so many gay people have in a tattoo.

For example, the flag – its most common symbol – is used since the 70’s and their colours symbolize the diversity. The Red colour for the life, the orange for the healing, the yellow for the sunlight, the green for the nature, the turquoise for the magic, the blue for the serenity and the violet for spirit.

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