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Pope Candidate for Classical Brit Awards

The Pope is a candidate for the Classical Brit Awards

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Will the Pope be the man of the year? At 82 years of age, Benedict sixth will sing for the album Alma Mater. Music from the Vatican is his classical album nominated to compete at the Classical Brit Awards. On the 13th of May, this contest will reveal the best classic songs from the UK for 2010. Let us pray for the Pope to win!


More than a Pope

But Benedict is more than a Pope, he is a modern Pope who appreciates classical music but also pop music: Michael Jackson’s Thriller is part of his top ten albums, along with songs from U2 and Oasis, according to L’Osservatore Romano. A time after he became Bishop of Rome, he received an mp3 with Mozart and Chopin music, and he made his own papal play list.

Perhaps it may be completely insane that the symbol of Christian faith represents England at the Classical Brit Awards, because he puts on the skin of any music star. Some people think he can’t use this medium to bring together the masses. But we are in 2010, you know…

Papal Music

But you might also love the idea of such an active Pope and the fact he loves today’s music. He has lived through many changes of our society and he can participate as well! It’s the public who may vote for the Pope, so mark this deadline: April 23rd. Maybe his classical song will be the best of the year! The prize will be given at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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