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Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity sparks panic attacks in Italy

March 03, 2010 By: veniceblogger Category: Venice

Paranormal Activity’, a horror film that follows a young couple coping with supernatural activity in their home, is causing an almighty uproar in Italy after a string of people who watched it were paralyzed by panic attacks. The problem is that the film opened in Italy with no age restrictions, causing the complaints of Italian parent’s associations, who are on the warpath. They are calling for an age limit of 18 to watch the movie.


Paralyzed fear
Italian emergency services received hundreds of calls from cinema-goers having prolonged panic attacks after watching the film. Some of the attacks lasted more than half an hour. An emergency services spokesman told the most serious case was a 14-years-old girl, in Naples, who was brought to the hospital in a state of paralysis.

Parents say the trailer alone is enough to terrify children and claim it is being screened ‘obsessively’ on Italian television. ‘Paranormal Activity’, which is shot like a home video and with a shabby aesthetic, just like ‘The Blair Witch Project’, was filmed in director’s house with a budget of only 11.000 Euros and it has become a box-office hit around the world, collecting almost 100 million Euros.

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