Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Minx and Virtual Life

Seven year old girls are buying virtual condoms!

Up to 20,000 women take the morning after pill, buy condoms and adopt children. So far, this is not a big deal. But this is not an ordinary woman we are talking about, but a video game for girls where they must create a female adult profile. So up to 20.000 girls play as if they were adult women in the Internet. It seems that the parents are the only ones concerned with this issue because the game creators and the girls are in paradise.


Virtual Life

This game called My Minx, has the knack of making millions of girls happy. Those girls that want to be women, with all that involves: go shopping, buy sexy lingerie, drink alcohol in a nightclub with some friends, take the morning-after pill or buy some condoms, and even adopt children from Haiti. There is no age limit, but it seems that the seven year old girls are the most common players within the 20,000 registered profiles. They dream of a life like that of Angelina Jolie or Madonna, perfectly assimilated by the creators.

Real Life

My Minx aroused a virulent polemic in English homes. Faced with the success of the game, many parents criticized the initiative: “the developers take advantage of the young audience for the money, without care about their moral responsibility toward the girls”. Maybe it is favourable for the girls to be aware of the sexual dangers, and to know how the poor people live, but don’t you think they should not be exposed to adult problems or issues? Each age has its concerns! It is not good for a seven year old girl to “play” the life of an adult woman because in the real life, you don’t resolve problems by few mouse clicks.

Perhaps you think that the responsibility does not lies with the creators, but with the parents that should take a look at what their kids are playing in the computer.

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