Friday, March 5, 2010

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This talented artist was born in Canada the year 1949. Nowadays he lives in Vancouver. Among his works, in addition to photography, we can find cinema, sculpture, painting and so on. He is one of the few multidisciplinary artists of the moment. Almost all his works are often linked to music, which is one of his passions.


We must relate this wonderful and creative genius with Barcelona. Currently, there is an exhibition at the Picasso Museum of Barcelona (Montcada Street), called “Possible Abstractions” and another at the Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) (Plaça Angels). Both exhibitions will be held until 18th May.
His first solo exhibition in Spain was precisely in Barcelona. Talking about this wonderful artist in relation to Barcelona is talking about the work he did in the Montserrat Mountain. He took 80 polaroid photographs that he exhibited at the Fundació Espai Poblenou Barcelona.

Another highlight of his work is “Parsifal”, with repeated fragments of the German opera. One interesting detail to note is the English translation of the “Lenz” story. This book was written by the German Georg Büchner and it caught the attention of Graham, as the sentence “Through the Forest”(which is the name of the exhibition we can see in the MACBA Museum) was repeated twice in every page. This repetition was very important in his future works. Another important work of his is “Rheinmetall/Victoria 8″ and it is about an old typewriter that is covered with flour little by little.

And to culminate this excellent project, we see that his works deal with himself. This exhibition is linked to his earlier works. And the last part of the sample is focused on the painting. It is a distinction to our beloved painter Pablo Picasso Malaga: here we see the fifth part of the exhibition shown at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

If you want to enjoy these extraordinary exhibitions, visit the city, and rent Apartments in Barcelona now is the time to come. If you don’t have time enough to see the city, use the tourist bus. Do not think about it any more, we are waiting for you.

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