When I was a teenager my friends used to tell me that I shouldn’t chew gum while I was smoking because it could cause infertility. Then I would throw the gum to the ground instead of swallowing it, which I used to do as a child, because people told me that it took seven years to digest it…. When I would have a toothache, I’d put my left sock under my pillow and wait for the pain to disappear, but it would still hurt… Legends of this type invade us on a regular basis, but are they true or false?


If you surround yourself with superstitious grandmothers, it’s likely that you will come across bad luck at every corner: if you leave the umbrella open at home, if you pass under a ladder, if you see a black cat, if you tread on a poop, if you leave the bread on the table upside down… How many daily acts have a story that accompanies them? For example, people say that when you yawn it is because your brain needs oxygen. This is absolutely false, because babies who have not yet been born also yawn and they have no oxygen in their mother’s belly. With so many preconceived ideas and superstitious people, we will think that scientific myth says that we only use 10% of our grey matter.

Do you think a chicken can survive without its head? The famous chicken Mike, from Colorado, lost its head one day in 1945 and survived for 18 months… thanks to his brain stem that remained almost intact after being slaughtered, the chicken could continue controlling his motor skills. Incredible! Other legends tell that men think about sex every seven seconds, that women have to put their legs up to be fertilized, that mayonnaise should not to be prepared during the woman’s period… We no longer know what to do to stop thinking!

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