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Fashion accessories Milan

Fashion accessories, the icing on the cake

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Wherever you look in the mirror see the same formal and boring image reflected? Would you like to renew your wardrobe but you do not have enough money? Stop! Over the time, the fittings and accessories have become an indispensable element in the fashion world. Whether you want to project a modern, casual or glamorous image – without spending huge amounts of money, add a few accessories to your style.


There are so many fashion accessories as you wish! As its name suggests, the accessories complement the clothing. Furthermore, there are for all tastes, ages and genders and in different shapes, sizes, materials and styles. Even there are specially designed accessories for babies, for pets or totally individualized accessories. These can give an entirely different image to your look… You just with some imagination and you’ll have completely renewed aspect. Among the most popular there are the shoes, the sunglasses, the bags, the belts and jewellery. But there are a lot of options to experiment and create your own style: hats, headgear, scarves, watches, ties, snaps, etc.

One of the big advantages is that the accessories allow you to change your image from day to night with just a few small changes. That formal skirt that you wear to go work can be completely transformed if you complement it with a bag, jewellery and some beautiful high heels, for example. Zas, new style: from formal to glamorous!

The accessories can better reflect your true personality. Invest in quality clothing and define your unique style through the complements. But beware of making a bad use of them: if you wear very bright clothe, choose sober accessories. If instead, your wardrobe is classic, you can create an original fantasy with your gadgets. Do not exaggerate: to choose the right amount and the suitable accessories is a great virtue. If you adorn too much, you might seem like a Baroque painting.

Accessories for 2010

This year they are fashionable the metallic colours such as silver or bronze; also the combination of bright colours with neutrals ones. As for materials, they are in fashion the flesh-coloured leathers, the snake leathers, and it returns the plastic and the straw. Recover from your closet the small bags and keep the large hulks. Finally, the flat shoes come again! Our feet will be very grateful… This is the year of tissues, an indispensable in your wardrobe for 2010! Bangs and tacks will be seen, as well as floral designs. As for jewellery, the silver and the bohemian jewellery with seeds and coloured beads will triumph.

But above all, be true to yourself. Do not disguise yourself and choose a wardrobe and a few complements that suit to you. And what better way that do it than in Milan, one of the cradles of fashion? Buy your tickets to the Lombard capital and rent Apartments in Milan to get the best accommodation.

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