Thursday, March 18, 2010

Helmut Newton Berlin

Helmut Newton, the photographer who loved women

According to Helmut Newton, the feminine body is a naked sculpture among the skyscrapers of the urban space, a figure of white skin with high heels, painted nails and half black stockings. His work is erotic, provocative and even violent. Accordong to this Australian photographer born in Berlin (1920-2004), the woman is much more than a fashion mannequin and a sex symbol; the female body is an aesthetic that is renewed again and again in front of his objective…


One who does not know Helmut Newton should not know who Coco Chanel is either, another fashion icon fascinated with female forms. Newton published for prestigious magazines like Vogue, Elle, Playboy, Marie-Claire, so you’ve surely already seen one of his fashion photographs. They are erotic and provocative images. His photographs sometimes seem like movie images where men’s sexual fantasies come true, like two women kissing or one slapping the other… This is always done with elegance, glamour and a touch of classicism. He takes black and white images as well, offering light contrasts, lines and fantastic volumes.

We recommend you pay attention to fashion and nude photography; visit the Newton exhibition until May 16th at the Photography Museum in Berlin. The German capital houses also the Newton Foundation.

In female circles, Newton has been widely criticized because of the image he transmits of women. Many think they are macho, that they lack dignity and have been reduced to an object of male perversions, where women are exposed as ham whose taste would be for the lewd and the voyeur. But the woman is multiple, she has not just one face and Helmut Newton spent his entire life photographing her and creating an ode to the female body.

Take advantage of a stay in Berlin to discover the fascinating art of this talented photographer, who shows women as they are: a treasure of nature that arouse inspiration to anyone. Invite your partner to Germany, rent Apartments in Berlin and savour the simple things

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