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South Pop Festival Seville 2010

South Pop Festival 2010 - the best independent music comes to Seville

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Winter at last, seems to be taking its last breaths and making way for a much yearned spring, the season of flowers… and of the music festivals! So the spring brings much more than a good time: it also opens the longed music festival season, which will not end until the end of the summer. After many months of musical drought, people are hungry for concerts and endless hours of fun. The South Pop Seville Festival inaugurates the year to the sound of the best indie bands, are you going to lose it?

South Pop Festival

After considering many names, the line-up has been definitely closed. Seville will hold its sixth edition of this Independent Music festival the next 26th and 27th of March between the Alameda Theatre as its main stage and the Sala Malandar and the Sala Obbio as the secondary ones.

This year the festival promoters have tried to update its image, trying to pursue a more funny line and away from a corseted vision of the music. This way, they have moved away from the habitual introspective pop and folk music to which we are so accustomed.

This year it is necessary to emphasize the participation of the Canadian band The Hidden Cameras and the Franco-German electronic pop duet Stereo Total. But there’s much more! Exonvaldes, Zombie-Zombie (see photo) , Lacrosse, and a repeater Nito Niko, will delight us with their best musical chords. Another great invited artists are Fran├žois & The Atlas Mountains, Sr. Chinarro, Los Punsetes and Nudozurdo, with the best Spanish music.

At the same time of the concerts, the South Pop Seville (there is also a South Pop Festival in Huelva) will offer a great range of activities: DJs sessions after the concerts (with Linda Mirada, among others), presentation parties (Dent May, on March 19 in Malandar); Charades and Antonna (on March 25 in the same room) and closing concerts (Southern Arts Society, on March 28 in Obbio, the space where after parties will be held).

Seville awaits you with its magical nights filled with music. Come to the Andalusian capital for the festivals season! And to find the perfect accommodation at an economical price, rent the best Apartments in Seville and enjoy everything else.

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