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Ici et Demain Festival Paris

Student Creation Festival “Ici et Demain” Paris

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The French capital organizes for the seventh consecutive year a special plastic creations student’s festival from 4th to 18th March. Thus, 50 shows, performances, exhibitions, concerts and screenings will be presented throughout more than thirty cultural stages. Admission is free! This is a funny opportunity to discover Paris and realize how much imagination and initiative has the youth.

Ici et Demain

The artists of the 2009 edition

Benjamin Hélion and Anne Beaugée amused themselves with the French idiomatic expressions that took form in 40 photographies. The spectators do not have the title of the works in order that they guess which is the illustrated expression: this is an interactive game. Like, “have a cat in the throat” whose English equivalent would be something like « have a lump in the throat ». What a great idea ! The photo study also has a student touch, since they worked at home with their flatmates: they divided the room in two, one part for a “study” and the other in a dinning room ; they invited some friends to pose and to create a colloquial atmosphere.

Feist Camille’s short film is also one of the outstanding works. It tells the story of Naomi, a girl made of modeling clay that is pregnant but she does not know who the father is. She also took the resources at her disposal: the voice of her friends, she composed the music and more… The students thet were selected last year and were selected by the jury received a € 1,000 prize and a statue in the categories of music, visual arts, spectacle and short movies. Since its inception in 2004, the festival have presented nearly 500 creations that have been seen by 80,000 spectators.

Come to discover the projects of “Ici et Demain” – here and tomorrow – and rent Apartments in Paris, you will have a cheap and enjoyable stay.

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