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Contemporary Art Milan

ontemporary Art Comes To Milan

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Milan has a long and rich artistic history, and now modern art fans can revel in the latest event to be coming to town. ArtExperience is due to hit Milan in March with meetings, seminars, lectures and concerts all being held at the Domus Academy and Spazio Oberdan, truly giving art lovers a great experience.


The five-day event draws specialists and experts in the art scene to the centre of Milan, along with plenty of aficionados keen to learn more about contemporary art. Workshops, lectures, meetings and seminars invite key figures to debate the relationships that are born between art, architecture, music, poetry and technology, which will surely open your eyes to the contemporary art world offering a whole new insight into this exciting area.

The first three days are centred on these seminars, with the event culminating in a series of concerts and performances over the final two days. Concerts are held at the Spazio Oberdan, the infamous art-house cinema and art gallery combo, with performances by the participants and organisers of the previous seminars. They encourage the exploration of new mediums in contemporary art, taking people beyond the traditional and introducing them to new heights of creativity including dance, theatre, cinema, music and visual arts.

It isn’t surprising that an event such as this is coming to Milan. The city has a rich cultural heritage so it’s only right that the exploration of contemporary art should come here, and what better place to host it than Domus Academy and Spazio Oberdan? Both venues are known for their strong links with the art scene, so they are just perfect for an event of this kind.

If you’re a fan of art, or even if you’re not and just want to come and experience this vibrant city for yourself, don’t waste any more time. Come on over in time to catch ArtExperience to see why contemporary art is so exciting, and while you’re here make sure to check out everything else that this city has to offer.

The shops, restaurants, museums and art galleries have to be seen to be believed, and it doesn’t get better than Milan for a holiday that has everything you could possibly need. Book that plane ticket and rent apartments in Milan if you want to make the most of your stay, and head on over as soon as you can to see what this fantastic city has to offer.

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