Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hospital Gowns

Hospital gowns that show your backside – up for discussion

There are two unforgettable scenes in cinema history that have been nailed to the viewer’s retina… One appears in the delightful Argentine film ‘The Son of the Bride’ starring Ricardo Darin. After suffering a heart attack he walks disoriented along the hospital corridor, and when he turns around, we see his backside, thanks to these very embarrassing hospital gowns. In the ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ movie, Jack Nicholson, who plays a womanizing sixty-year-old man, lets us see his ass because of the same hospital gown open in the back.


This suit, which still prevails in most medical centres worldwide, has been discussed. The UK wants to distance itself from this general trend and its sanitary authorities have entrusted fashion designer Ben de Lisi to give hospital fashion a total change. No more walking around the hospital corridors showing all kinds of asses. The new gowns will prevent the patients from feeling exposed because they open and close from the sides, instead of the back. The patient’s dignity will be protected because they can be fastened by themselves (which could not be done with the traditional gowns). Besides the comfort, the designer added a point of glamour, since the new touch is smooth and also incorporated four different colours: pearl blue, dark blue, pink and sand.

Bring pyjamas from home

The other countries we must wait to see what happens with these hospital gowns. In Spain, some communities have made efforts to dignify the clothing of the patients. But you can also bring your own pyjamas, which is allowed in most centres.

We sincerely hope that you do not have to go to the hospital when you go to the Spanish capital, but include a pyjama in your luggage… so you will avoid showing your backside. Enjoy your visit renting Apartments in Madrid, a different way to find the best accommodation.

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Steve said...

I am trying to find one of these open-in-the-back gowns because my asinine companies has decided to make next week a "theme" week and Friday is "HR approved pajamas" except they typed it "ER approved pajamas". I'll also be looking for flesh-tone shorts and a flesh-tone shirt. The one in this picture would be perfect.

But that being said, aren't they designed this way so that the butt is exposed so that you can put a bed pan under their butt?

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