Friday, March 19, 2010

Identity or Adaptation

A baby is trapped in the belly of the mother since he is a draft of person. Depending on weather the baby is a boy or a girl the parents will decide to give it one name or another. From this moment on, the baby will never be free again: it will either be a man or a woman.


Through the booties, the colour of the walls and the clothes, the parents start teaching their kids what is socially expected for them and how they are supposed to behave – which is the same their parents taught them but with small variations. The children will grow and for their first birthday, a girl will receive dolls and a boy, will receive cars, balls, etc. These children may be satisfied with the role they have been granted, but in other cases they will not, and this is where the problem starts: the binary system in which we live, the seeds of their error.

One of the basic problems is generated by continuous parental expectations and their inability to be satisfied. But the conflict is even greater when the social minimum expectations are not fulfilled either. For example, when a boy plays with dolls and a girl plays soccer. Inevitably these brave children will have to face the system, which is already difficult, but it will be harder to face those they love the most and who unfortunately, expect more of them, their own parents.

They may be gay, transgender, bisexual, heterosexual, and so on. The ambivalence is not provided in the binary system. You may be one of them, if not your life does not fit within those parameters. The body or sexual ambivalence does not belong to a closed system… Concepts as “normal” or “nature” are constantly used as a pretext to fulfil the needs of the majority. So using a microwave is as natural and normal as making a heart transplant or manufacturing weapons and selling them to the third world. All these activities are less natural and newer than homosexuality.

The binomials of masculine body, feminine body or straight or gay mentality are only barriers that are imposed to separate people. Fortunately there are those who break these barriers and defy the established rules. It seems that finally, the most notable difference that separates two different types of people would be the ability to adapt to the society that imposes it.

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awesome post dear
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