Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Neighbour's Wall

A thin wall separates my room and the neighbour’s room in a classical building situated in the district of Eixample Dret in Barcelona. In this big inviting city, hide behind the walls thousands of histories. The history about my neighbour and mine is an example of one of these. With no doubt, we both are involved in a intimate relationship like if we were a couple. However, he and I aren’t a couple, we don’t know our names, we are just two strangers that share a thin wall in this city.


This closeness gives us great intimacy, more than we could have imagined. Our relationship is one step more closer since the events that happened this past weekend. ¿What events? On Saturday night my neighbour introduced me “accidentally” to the world of his sexual relationships. I have listened to his “tips” on how to seduce a woman, or at least, sleep with her… and these tips are really surprising. Following this, I thought about the rest of the world population and the different words, messages that people use to start some kind of relationship, whether for a night, or for life.

For example, my neighbour was very technique. He ordered positions like if it was a porn movie… “Move your leg on my shoulder please… thank you… hold on a couple of minutes… thank you… Ok, you can relax… back in five minutes” But, what most struck me was his voice. Serious, indifferent, lineal … I didn’t hear a hint of excitement or emotion in his voice, only the groans that occasionally escaped from their mouths reminded me what they were doing… oh and well, the constant blows against “our” wall caused by his bed.

But, who said which words were the “perfect and appropriate words” to say in the middle of making love? Someone will say that the romanticism is the key to build a perfect environment. These are messages that help you and your mate feel confident enough for long hours of love and passion. And others say that no matter how it comes, if at the end, everyone gets what they want then everything is fine… and better if you do it renting Apartments in Barcelona. You’ll enjoy a lovely stay!

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