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Body Sushi Barcelona

In one of the opening scenes of “Mapa de los sonidos de Tokio”, the most recent movie from film director Isabel Coixet, a very special dinner is taking place on the highest floor of a skyscraper. A stunningly beautiful naked woman lays over a table, covered with different kinds of sushi, sashimi and other japanese delicacies, and surrounded by a handful of lucky men ready to enjoy the meal.

Body Sushi Barcelona

That is the essence of nyotaimori ( 女体盛り, literally “presentation over female body”), also known as “body sushi”: the traditional japanese art of serving a meal over the naked body of a model acting as a human tray. Beautiful banana leaves are usually employed to avoid the food touching directly the model’s skin, and flower decorations are also present to either hide or enhance delicate parts of the body. The corporal heat of the model keeps the sushi at the exact right temperature: this allows the dinner to become not only a sensual and exciting soireé, but also a very unique gastronomic experience.

There has always been much controversy about body sushis: from accusations of sexism to insinuations that this kind of dinners only exist in novels and cinema. The first objection is easy to dismiss, as there are also male models who can act as human trays in this kind of events. In that case, the precise word would be nantaimori (男 体盛り, “presentation over male body”). As for the second objection of body sushis being just fiction… Well, that one is even easier to refute: there is a place in Barcelona where you can take part in a real nyotaimori. A very special place that is not located in the heights of a skyscraper, but in the depths of a basement in the centric and lively Raval quarter.

The Scorpion’s Nest (”Nido del Escorpión”) is a non-profit association devoted to japanese culture, gastronomy and BDSM-friendly parties and activities. One of their top events is organising nyotaimoris in a monthly basis, each one destined to a small audience of no more than nine or ten people. The host and hostess of the association try to give a sensual, elegant and friendly atmosphere to the dinners, and also take care that no one is disrespectful with the models.

A nyotaimori in the Scorpion’s Nest involves two dishes served on two different human trays: one dish consisting mainly in different types of maki sushi, and another one with hot (but not too hot!) meals like vegetable tempura, noodles or chicken with teriyaki sauce. Nyotaimori is not only about beautiful models: the food must be also be prepared by a good cook!

You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to Japan, just rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy good sushi in a new and exciting way. If you need additional information you can contact or alternatively you can visit the following blog . Enjoy your meal!!

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