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Effects of Love Paris

Love is like a drug

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Every day our friends the hormones reveal us astonishing discoveries. Women release three chemicals substances called dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin both when falling in love, as when taking a dose of cocaine. Feelings and drugs have the same euphoric and relaxing effect and, above all, they promote physical and emotional stimulation. Pleasure has many origins and forms!


When you say that you need love, or that you miss your partner, it seems that you are expressing the same desire as you would if you needed drugs. Both want an immediate dose of satisfaction caused by the hormones that are activated under the influence of cocaine or by loving someone. While you look at your partner’s eyes, you hug him/her or you have sex with him/her, the oxytocin is spinning in all your blood.

The chemistry of love

Following a study by psychologist Arthur Aron from the New York University, we know that by just looking at your partner’s photo, your blood fills up with dopamine: the same hormone that is produced when we eat chocolate, have sex or take drugs. It is also said that the real infatuation is recognized when we release phenylethylamine (an organic compound from the same family as amphetamines) in the brain.

Will love then be reduced to a simple chemical process? The hormones seem to have the answer to everything! And when the flame of passion turns off, is it because there are no hormones? No, but because your body gets used to the substances, as can become accustomed to a certain dose of drug, which over time is not enough to overcome its lack. This is when the relationship becomes more quiet, which means that both partners have to work harder in the relationship…

Paris will offer the most concentrated dose of pleasure that you’ve ever met. The scientists noted: sharing good things conducts to the happiness, enhances the immunity and makes relationships last longer. A stay with your partner in the French capital may be the healthy and surprisingly economical choice, especially if you rent Apartments in Paris.

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