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Videos against AIDS Paris

Videos against AIDS

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Some people think that AIDS is a practically extinct disease that only concerns the Third World countries. Unfortunately, this is a reality that lives much closer to us than we think, maybe just around the corner. In fact, the worldwide AIDS registered cases are just the tip of the iceberg, but is estimated that about 33.4 million people are infected with HIV (according to WHO data). But there is something even more disheartening: one in three infected people with the virus in the Western countries do not know they suffer it and cause more than 60% of new infections.

With these precedents, any precaution measure, policy or campaign is more than necessary, especially to raise awareness among the young people. HIV is transmitted through certain body fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. Therefore it is very important that the youth be aware of the importance of condom use.

For this reason Aids, the first French association fighting against AIDS, has launched a new advertisement called Prot├ęgez-vous to prevent young people from having sexual relations without precaution. The explicit and funny ad, where an animated penis tries to have sex with multiple vaginas that don’t allow it to do anything without protection, has revolutionized the Internet. The spot has already accumulated nearly 4 million views on Youtube.

But this is not the only video that the Aids association has launched. In fact, it has created an exhibition where a number of designers have done some animated shorts with the same purpose. Many of them are loaded with a strong erotic content, but all seek the same goal: to combat this terrible disease. Behind many of these campaigns a great polemic has arisen on the part of the church because it does not agree with the use of the preservative. Many NGOs and other organizations have put the outcry against the church’s position (against the use of condoms), incredible!

Discover the new campaign against AIDS in the French capital. There, besides the best art and culture, you will learn a great lesson of solidarity and awareness to prevent the disease from spreading. Take a look at the Prot├ęgez-vous project while you enjoy the best of the city of lights. And to find the best accommodation, rent apartments in Paris. With the saved money you can make a generous donation for the fight against AIDS

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