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capitale culture 2010

The Capital of Culture for 2010

Each year since 1985, one or several European cities are selected as cultural capitals. For this 2010, Pécs (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey) and Essen (Germany) are the three selected cities; meaning that many events, exhibitions and parades will be held throughout the year. Pécs has up to 2,000 appointments scheduled under the topic of “city without borders.”

capital culture 2010

The mayor, Zsolt Pava said that Pécs is an exciting city “full of culture and in continuous change”. Pécs is preparing to welcome their historical and cultural heritage, develop their creative talents and dazzle the curious people like you.

With this appointment the city will oxygenate and will be realized as a tourist destination, full of cultural gems. In 2004, when Lille (France) was the capital of culture, a forest of 300  suspended false trees were installed in one of its squares with musical and light effects. It was an amazing urban experience!

They will pay a tribute to outstanding artists such as Marcel Breuer of the Bauhaus German School and to the father of Op Art, Victor Vasarely. Pécs ethnic minorities like the Gypsies, the Croats, the Poles, the Germans, the Serbs, the Greeks, the Bulgarians, the Russians and the Ukrainians also have an important place in this cultural year.

This diversity reflects the most European face of this capital. A Turkish theatre will also be held as well as a dance festival. Thousands of artists come from all backgrounds to appreciate the city as a place of encounters, imagination and fun.

There are expected one million visitors, with 30% foreigners, you can’t miss it! Book your ticket to the Hungarian capital and rent Apartments in Budapest to have a comfortable accommodation.

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