Monday, March 8, 2010

Affair with a friend’s partner

What is worse than being unfaithful with a friend’s partner?

To find out that your boyfriend is having an affair is already painful, but if on top of that you find out that he has a fling with a friend’s wife or girlfriend, it must be crazy. And imagine the deceived friend! A British dating website has revealed that half of the unfaithful men it polled for a survey on affairs admitted to having a fling with a friend’s partner.


The fact is that attractions develop very easily between men and women who see each other frequently, in the same circles. And, it is often easier to be together without arousing any suspicions.
The poll showed that of the more than 5.000 men surveyed who admitted to being unfaithful, a staggering 47% confessed to having committed adultery with a friend’s wife or girlfriend.

Do you mistrust your friend?
And what do we have to do now? If you notice that your friend is too friendly with your partner, is it a reason to become suspicious? Being an excessively jealous person is not such a good thing, but maybe there is no harm in being alert. You know they say that one self is the last to discover these sorts of things, and you will not want to make a fool of yourself, will you?

The same advice is used for the other side of the deceived: the adulterous’ wife. Now we’ll have to watch out for that philandering friend, and maybe going out with other couples will be too much of a risk! That’s all it needed!

As if a relationship wasn’t sufficiently complicated, then a poll like this gets published…But don’t panic! The best thing you can do is to trust in your partner…and in his friend’s wives, don’t forget it.

Ok, here is some advice: take your partner and have a romantic trip…without others couples, just in case.
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