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pentawards exhibition 2010 paris

Pentawards 2010, the aspect is very important

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Who said that appearance does not matter? Of course it matters! Especially when we talk about the Pentawards, the only contest in the world that recognizes the design of packaging of all types: from a soda can, to a bottle of conditioner, even a packet of tissues. Here the originality, the aesthetics, the quality and so on are awarded. This is a unique opportunity to gain worldwide recognition in the field of packaging creation and marketing.

exposition pentawards 2010 paris

Pentawards 2010 will take place in Paris until March 27th. The French capital offers a splendid exhibition of selected works in the contest, coming from all over the world. An international jury will be responsible for picking the winners based on the creative quality of the product. This way, three different trophies will be given: Golden Pentawards, Platinum Pentawards and Diamond Pentawards. In addition, all the winners will receive a certificate with their name, the commercial container and the category.

There are five categories that will be contested, divided in different subcategories: beverages like water, soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, spirits, limited series, etc.; foods such as cereals, coffee, fish, meat, sweets, soups, dietary products, etc.; body, such as clothing, health care, beauty and so on; other markets such as household cleaning, decoration, electronics, pet products, etc.; and luxury goods such as perfume, makeup, jewellery, food and culinary goods. A final category includes all the products that are not included in the previous five.

But the Pentawards are not only an award festival, they rather extend the promotion of packaging design to the press, the political and the economic authorities, the companies and the general public.

Discover the more artistic side of packaging … After all, who does not remember a famous packaging like Campbell’s soup? Or the beautiful designs from brands like Coca-Cola… The city of lights will surprise you with the best of the packaging market. Buy your tickets and rent apartments in Paris to make sure you get the best accommodation at an affordable price.

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