Monday, November 30, 2009

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Wind and Sea - The Fantastic World of Sailing

The sound of the rushing sea, waves, blue sky, intensive wind - it makes our heart beat faster, doesn’t it? Welcome to the fascinating and emotionally charged world of sailing which will show you the incredible power of nature.


But sailing doesn’t only consist of expensive yachts and incredible modern ships like we see in the famous America’s Cup. The most authentic sailing regattas are without any doubt Europa, Laser or Optimist where small sailing boats with only one or two sailors participate. In each little village dotted along the Valencia coast you’ll sailing clubs which make every sailing fan very happy. The first time that you notice the power of the wind in the sails of a ship, you will be completely astonished and left breath taken.

We could even claim that the love for the sea and sailing sport is an essential part of human nature. Without the passion for sailing the oceans, or without the thirst of adventure and curiosity for discovering something new, the history of humanity would have been very different. The tradition of sailing is a real voyage through world’s history. Starting with the first fishing boats, to the first trading and war ships…sailing ships have always been the main protagonists of important occasions. All sailing fans can discover the tradition of this sport while sailing with the famous latin-rigs. According to some sources, the origin of those rigs goes back to the banks of the Nile where the sailors started their trips to the Mediterranean Sea and far beyond. The romantic picture of a lonely sailor on the coast during the sunset is still present in a lot of Mediterranean harbours.

Nowadays, sailing as a sport has a lot of fans and admirers all over the world. Although it isn’t really true, but sailing is considered to be an elitist sport. Perhaps it’s because of the famous skippers who have been converted into real celebrities. Although they haven’t the talent or the technical capacities, many sailing fans dream of the charm of a real ”lord of the sea”, like the Swede Magnus Holmberg or the American Paul Cayard. More and more sailors adapt themselves to the style of the most famous skippers in the world.

There is no better way to feel close to nature spending a holiday on a romantic sailing ship… We shouldn’t forget the environmentally friendly aspect of this means of transportation. Why don’t you start your sailing trip in Valencia, the city of the famous America’s Cup? This amazing Spanish city is perfect for combining sea, entertainment and important monuments. You only need to take care of an economic and comfortable accommodation: what about the best apartments in Valencia? Spend some unforgettable holidays on the Spanish coast of Valencia.

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