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Diet desserts that you don’t put on weight with

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Is it possible to celebrate a birthday or a New Year without a dessert that is accompanied by champagne? At a party, a dessert is not to be left out! Unfortunately, this tradition is often contrasted with our obsession with dietary requirements and with the bathroom scales. However, the expert nutritionists tell us that a piece of cake is not a mortal sin if we eat a healthy and balanced diet. And don’t forget to do some physical exercise that helps us to burn off those unwanted calories! The experts also warn us about the “danger” of a dessert also depends on the type of sugar it contains. We don’t have to always associate calories with desserts: there are also desserts and sweets suitable for strict diet regimes - say hello to diet desserts.


Now we’ll show you how we can improve our daily lives by satisfying our sweet tooth without having to experience terrible feelings of guilt, trying to resist the croissant in the baker’s shop every morning. The secret lies in the ingredients! There are also little tricks that can help us.

If we want to prepare a cake for a birthday, we can choose an apple pie with dough made from oil instead of butter, and leave the cream for another occasion. Yogurt, the diet jams (with sweeteners and without sugar) and above all, fruit are ingredients that will allow you to prepare diet desserts worthy of a chef.

A good example is pears with cinnamon and a bit of bitter cocoa. You just have to cook the pears with a bit of sweetener and then powder them with cinnamon and cocoa. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Another dessert that everyone loves is the Italian tiramisu. Replace one of its basic ingredients, the mascarpone, with non-fat yogurt: no need to stress here that calories are significantly reduced!

When preparing the dessert, pay attention on choosing non-fat ingredients rich in proteins. Use skimmed milk or eggs and avoid butter. If you love candies, sweets and cakes, but do not like to cook them, try to convince your local baker to make diet sweets. A last suggestion: if possible, it’s better to eat sweets in the morning and in small doses.

To discover new diet dessert recipes, travel to Italy and discover its delicious gastronomy. Discover the charming city of Milan and taste all its intense flavours! And for the best accommodation, just rent Apartments in Milan and enjoy everything else!

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