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Nudism in Budapest

Do the social constraints bother you? Are you one of those who like to freely enjoy your own body? Would you like to spend your free time in the most natural way? If you thought that nudism could be practiced only at nude beaches, you were wrong, because naturism has extended in recent years and it is now accepted in many other areas.


Naturism has been practiced for many years and was often linked to religious ceremonies, but the modern culture of nudism was born in Germany. The Nacktkultur or FKK (Freikörperkultur-”free body culture”) had its beginnings in the early twentieth century (although it was banned in 1933 by the Nazis) and expanded rapidly in Anglo Saxon countries, Britain, United States and Canada, and later in other countries.

We must say that this lifestyle is not completely accepted in some of the more conservative sectors of society, but wherever you go, you can find nudist clubs and associations where people practice social and sports activities and all without clothes!

Nudity is not to be linked only to the beaches and the summer, but it is right in the proximity of the sea or the lakes where most of the nudist camp sites are, like the Balatonberény Camp Site on the famous Balaton Lake. Here you can enjoy the incredible natural landscape and have a relaxing bath and, why not, you can even play badminton! In just one hour by car you’ll arrive to the Hungarian capital with its beautiful monuments and you’ll enjoy the literary atmosphere of its historic cafés.

And what happens in winter time? Do not think that nudism is not practiced in the winter months. Have you heard about naturist skiing? Yes, completely naked skiing is possible, obviously when temperatures allow, and it can be very fun. Do you know that there are clubs whose members meet at Naturist dinners? For once you will not waste your time in choosing the most appropriate dress to impress your guests!

Most towns have a nudist pool or spa centre. In Budapest, also known as a city of spas, you can relax and enjoy a massage at one of the countless spas of the Hungarian capital. Enjoy a unique city get the best accommodation renting Apartments in Budapest!

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on i've met a lot of boys and girls from Budapest!!

they are sooo great!

hope to cu there too! ;)

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