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The art of seduction

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Confess: we all dream of becoming seduction experts. We dream of being able to deal with any situation and conquer even the most impregnable fortress. Is there any strategy? Is it an art that can be learned? Is it a result that can be attained by following precise rules and scientific calculations? Or is it simply an innate talent?


It is useless to deny that the physical aspect has its importance: Who, for example does not turn around to catch a glimpse at some gorgeous long legs? Or who has not been fascinated by a sultry look? If we don’t have a perfect physique, we can always resort to fashion and take care of our image: well-chosen clothes and the correct style will help us in the art of seduction. The famous Coco Chanel used to say: “If you dress evil, they will look at only your clothes, if you dress well, they will see the woman”.

Also a sociable character, gallantry, sympathy and our knowledge can be valuable weapons. We should take our best talents and exploit them for our seductive purposes.

Turning now to the action! There are hundreds of manuals and even courses that presume to reveal the winning strategy and all the secrets of the perfect seducer. Which are the most important rules? Self-assurance is, of course, a good starting point, but sometimes the shyness has its charm too. So, shy people around the world do not dispair, there are other factors that influence the outcome of the art of seduction.

Guys, if you’re in a bar and you want to get close to a girl, first of all seek eye contact and see if you get response. If you get lucky, a first contact is required so why not invite her to dance or maybe a simple “hello” is enough to start the seduction game. And try not to spoil everything with the classic questions: Where do you work? How old are you? And so on… The girl will have the impression of filling in a questionnaire. Try to be original and fun and above all, let her feel special.

How can a girl conquer the most handsome boy at the disco? You also have to seek their look and when he is looking at you, turn out your best smile. Approach the boy and dare with a “Shall we have a drink?” This may be a great strategy, but let him pay for the drinks. If after the first few sentences he talks about his work or his hobbies, let him know that you seem very interested, although you don’t really like what he is talking about.

But the seduction game does not end when the person has been conquered! It continues even once married, but it changes: romantic dinners, surprise gifts, seductive lingerie... The couple has to been re-seduced every day. Why don’t you propose to your partner a seductive vacation? And the best city to seduce is, undoubtedly, Venice, where the most famous seducer in history once lived: Giacomo Casanova. Surprise your partner, rent apartments in Venice and enjoy an unforgettable seductive holiday.

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