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Since 1980, millions of walls have vibrated to the sounds of drills, saws, irons, pipes, air compressors and other equipment whose primary function is anything but music. Recently a new music band has come on the scene, the Einstürzende Neubauten, a German band that uses elements of mass consumption, materials of construction and machinery, together with the classic guitar as its only instruments. Their music is unclassifiable, inimitable and untouchable, and its goal is to revolutionize the music scene together with the Die Geniale Dilletanten movement.

Some people say that they make industrial, experimental or electronic music but you should listen to them to understand their style. Their fans used to call them EN or Neubaten. Neubaten means new houses that collapsed, but the German people also use it to refer to the buildings constructed after the Second World War.

Under the voice of Blixa Bargeld (Christian Emmerich, former guitarist of the Nick Cave band), and the other guys (Alexander Hacke, Jochen Arbeit, Rudolf Moser and NU Unruh), NE has 18 albums, several DVDs, some recorded live and biographies. Their videos and sounds will make you live new emotions. But all good and transcendental! “We had no money to buy ‘real’ instruments. Actually we think that the instruments are not the most important factor in our band. But it is our way of making music, “says Blixa on a website.

The noises, screams, vibrations and rhythms of EN have no adjective to describe them: It is a psychedelic mixture, sometimes violent, sometimes sweet and calm, exploring the limits of the music. They also have collaborated on performances and on the creation of theatre productions, choreography, film soundtracks. For several years, their fans funded their albums. Then they give them free tickets to their concerts, or gave them special gifts. They even had the potential to influence the development of a song. Incredible!

Their logo represents a very primitive doll. It looks like a symbol of femininity, but it is inspired by the sacred circle of Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England), a megalithic monument whose meaning is very mysterious: it seems to have something to do with astronomy, female sex, ancestral festivities, no one knows…

If you want to know this band better or the birthplace of its music, organize a few days trip to the German capital. Rent the best apartment in Berlin and enjoy the sound of the city.

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