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The varied gastronomy of Malaga | what to visit in Malaga

Malaga’s gastronomy, from the sea and the mountain to the table

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The simplicity of Malaga’s dishes is the secret of its delicious gastronomy. A simplicity that does not means poor, but quite the opposite. Malaga’s cuisine is delicious, healthy and varied thanks to its geographical location. It combines seafood, countryside and mountain products which give it Mediterranean ingredients and flavours: olive oil – which is the base of the Mediterranean diet, vegetables, fruits, meat and especially fish.

espeto de sardinas

The fish and seafood recipes are the most popular because it is a coastal city. The quintessential dish is the “fritura malagueña” (small mixed fried fish). Another specialty is the famous “espeto de sardinas” (grilled sardines stuck on sticks – see photo above). Other typical dishes made of fish are: peppered tuna, noodles with cod, stuffed squid, baked fish with olives, marinated fish, sardine omelette and anchovies in vinegar, etc. Even the most discerning palate will have his/her mouth-watering with all these wonderful recipes.

Thanks to its coexistence with the Serranía de Ronda Mountains in Málaga there are also delicious meats. The hunting pieces and the sausage products are the most valued. The most famous recipe is the Oxtail – Rondeña style. Other dishes to try are the Ronda style beans, rabbit, roast turkey with apples, marinated pickled partridge, partridge with salmorejo, or the sauteed chicken with Malaga wine, etc.

But this is not everything; in Malaga and the rest of Andalusia there are very popular cold soups. Typical of this province is the “Ajoblanco” soup, cooked in olive oil, garlic and almonds, and the famous “Gazpacho” (cold tomato soup). Also typical is the gazpachuelo, made of fish and shellfish, whose broth is mixed with mayonnaise and “Porra de Antequera” (another tomato soup).

Vegetables are another of the great treasures of Malaga’s food. Thanks to its freshness people there prepare varied and tasty recipes such as eggplant with béchamel, stuffed artichokes, stuffed zucchini, stuffed onions and stuffed eggplant, spinach with raisins and almonds.

For the sweet tooth, Malaga offers a wide range of sweets and desserts, mostly monastic recipes such as donuts, cakes, muffins or “bienmesabe”. Other typical desserts are the orange cakes, the sweet potato croquettes, oil rolls, chestnut pudding, quince, oranges with Malaga wine, etc.

Are you hungry? Travel to Malaga and taste all its delicious dishes. No matter if you like fish or meat, or maybe vegetables, you’ll find everything you want there! Rent Apartments in Malaga to find the best accommodation and, bon appetit!

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