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Body language - the best seductive weapon

Posted by seville | seville | Friday 6 November 2009 11:44 am

Hey people, pay attention, because it is not necessary to list the best questions to try to impress your next date! Neither do you have to spend a wad inviting your possible conquest to an expensive dinner in the best restaurant of the city. And girls, don’t worry any more about buying the world’s most expensive perfume to lure your prey. So… Which is the secret recipe? It’s easy, our body language!


A nice smile, an intense look, an open mind, a defiant nod… All these gestures can lead us to victory. Throughout history, many studies have demostrated what our gestures say (they are almost always done unconsciously). The most famous theory is the kinesics theory, of which we can learn a lot regarding body language. If you know how to use the appropriate body language, you will very quickly win the heart of your posible new mate.

But, what should we bear in mind when flirting? Let’s start with the general body position. Within the body language context, you should be careful with having an open or closed position. Of course, we will choose the first option if want to cause a first good impression. But beware, if you bend too much to the other person, you can invade his/her personal space and this can cause some discomfort if you don’t have much confidence with him/her. Don’t be shy and just try to relax a little bit. If you maintain a relaxed position, for example, arms and legs slightly open, you’ll show the other person you are self-confident and secure.

If we continue with the unconscious gestures like we usually do, there are endless possibilities and interpretations. From contempt and hostility to approval and affection, you must know how to manage the signals you transmit. There are different gestures that may help when it comes to seduction, such as touching or fixing your hair, putting our hands on our hips, crossing our leg in the same direction of the person who attracts us, looking curiously over our shoulders, with a naughlty smile… These are just some tips to help you pick up the person you like.

Don’t be shy and use your body as a seductive weapon! To seduce with more than words can be decisive for obtaining a happy ending. And in which place does one feel more relaxed and self-confidence? Of course, during a holiday!
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