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Searching for the elusive G-spot

November 16, 2009 By: romeblogger Category: Rome

One of the secrets of world history forms part of our everyday life: the mysterious G-spot. Numerous scientists reveal time and again some new interesting details about the erogenous zone of the female body. Men especially try to find this particular spot for giving their women some incredible pleasure. But unfortunately most of them think that it’s like a button which you have to push and then everything will be fine. But, my dear fellows, it’s quite the reverse!


There are a lot of important facts which leads to an incredibly good orgasm. It’s like a team sport where each member contributes for reaching the victory. In this metaphorical sense, the G-spot would be like the team captain. Important keywords are the clitoral and the vaginal orgasm. Each woman has her personal preferences, but from the scientific point of view they don’t need to have a G-spot for reaching a climax. Besides, there isn’t any anatomical proof of the existence of the G-spot, rather than a special kind of accumulation of nerves in the vaginal zone. Nevertheless, scientific research doesn’t give up in the search of the G-spot. A lot of scientists talk about a kind of mystery. The G-spot is a bit like UFO’S – there are some claiming to have seen them, others don’t, or some people believing and others declining its existence.

This erogenous zone, which by the way is called Gräfenberg Spot, isn’t a new thing. It’s quite the opposite. The G-spot has a long history and has already appeared in different sexual literature throughout the centuries. Whether in The Kama Sutra (IV. century), in essays of the Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf (XVII. century) or in investigations of the famous gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg (1881-1957), there has always been a kind of rumor about a mysterious area in the vaginal zone.

In the end, nobody should despair in searching for the G-spot, because we all know that a women has numerous erogenous zones: starting with the earlobes, the neck, the nipples or the feet. The female body is just an exciting voyage of discovery.

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