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Gay Marriage in Madrid | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

While the European Union aims to be a community whose member states should implement the same rights and similar laws, the different policies of each European governments differ in countless matters of great importance. One of the issues that most debates, demonstrations and controversy has caused, especially in the last decade, is the legalization of the gay marriage. For some people this is a secondary issue, but for many others this directly impacts on their life quality.

Gay Marriage in Europe

First we have to carefully define what we mean by gay marriage: this distinction recognizes the social, cultural and especially legal coexistence of two persons of the same sex who enjoy the same conditions, effects and rights as straight marriages. However, in most European countries, there are different denominations and additional civilian institutions, under which gay couples can register as “unmarried partners”, “civil unions” or “cohabitation” among others. But these denominations cannot be compared in any way with the real gay marriage that would have to correspond to the “normal” marriage. The gay comunity considers these civil institutions as apartheid institutions, because they do not give the same rights as straight marriages.

If we take look at the countries around the world, there are only a few where gay marriages are legal, as in the Netherlands (since 2001), in Belgium (since 2003), in Spain (since 2005), in Canada (since 2005), in South Africa (since 2006), in Norway (since 2009), in Sweden (since 2009), and in six U.S. states, like Massachusetts (since 2004), Mainde (since 2009) and so on. So, very few European countries have legalized the gay marriage, while most other states have implemented civil laws that can not be compared with the real rights the gay people should have.

The debates and movements continue to divide the nations. The religion and the culture bent a great influence on the opinion of each affected person. Another issue thet also raises great controversy is that of whether a homosexual couple can have children or are allowed to adopt them. Still, the society has changed over time, and we hope that soon it becomes more humane and tolerant.

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