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The latest love trends - dogging and outdoor sex | Lisbon Blog

Dogging and Outdoor Sex, the latest in love trends

Although they always say that we are lack any sense of creativity, inspiration and imagination especially in times of the financial crisis, we can only deny those assertions regarding the imaginativeness of one of the world’s most beautiful things: sex. A lot of couples or passionate singles, searching for an adventure, think of original places for a “quickie” during the day. Those who only use their bed for spending erotic moments are completely out of fashion. Like all phenomena of the erotic world, sex in public places has proper terminations: Dogging and Outdoor-Sex.


Whether at the beach, above the clouds on a plane, in the forest, car, elevator, changing rooms or in the middle of the street… there are no limits when it comes to the selection of a place for having sex. But you should also consider the risks of sex in public places. Numerous bruises have been had in the plane’s small toilet, serious traffic accidents because of some hot moments during a trip, slipping while having a bath or shower, sand at the beach which can be very painful in some certain parts of our body, insect stings in the forest, cystitis due to the cold floor, grazes on your knees and elbows caused by the apparently plush looking carpet, the list is endless! However, we can accept little painful occurrences because erotic moments are quite the most beautiful ones in our life.

Outdoor-Sex and Dogging can give the decisive kick to your boring relationship. The creeping boredom of your daily routine can disappear within seconds with some new creative ideas. While outdoor-sex is about spontaneous sex at extraordinary places outside of the own four walls, dogging is considered a subcategory of exhibitionism where people meet at public places for having sex with each other and in front of an audience. The most popular “dogging places” are forests or parking lots. In any case, you never shouldn’t loose respect towards society and pay attention to the fact that kids for example might become compulsory witnesses to your wild fantasies. Rubbish like used condoms should be disposed of appropriately. Even the world’s most beautiful thing involves a certain responsibility.

Whether new sex toys, sex positions, places or new kinds of spontaneity, there are many ideas for improving your sexual life. Even the stars know how to apply their creativity. Remember Paris Hilton who was caught having sex on the luxury yacht of Sir Elton John and was thrown out of his party as a result!

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