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Our Sexual Appetite Knows No Boundaries

Posted by paris | paris | Wednesday 25 November 2009 11:16 am

Lately, Spanish society has been debating about sexual education for minors, which may be a step towards the demystification of sex. Because, don’t let anyone fool you, sex is still a taboo that is often treated with great caution even though it’s the most natural thing on earth. In fact, the Bible already refers to our sexual desires, as being one of the seven deadly sins: Lust.


Lust is an intense or unrestrained sexual or an inordinate appetite for carnal pleasures. According to the Bible, sexual pleasures are very serious issues which should not be exaggerated. You could suffer from lust! And that is condemned by the Catholic Church - you have to control your impulses or you will get stuck in the second stage of purgatory. In the emblematic work of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy (1308-1321), the souls of the lustful and others who sinned through love were caught in a huge whirlwind that brought them the greatest solitude.

Sometimes the word lust sounds rather negative, because it is considered a form of power over others, the only goal being to satisfy your own sexual hunger. With this theme, we also associate the Greek Gods and Goddesses Aphrodite, Dionysus and Eros, the Hindu God Kamadeva or the Mexican godess of filth, vice and sexual misdeeds, Tlazolteotl. They all have some relationship with lust, because they are symbols of ecstasy, excess, insanity, sexual attraction, desire or love … In short, this cardinal sin teaches us that we must control our hormones ! One great lover, Don Juan, perfectly illustrates this human vice: he was addicted to sex and women. He seduced hundreds of women, but as soon as he got them into his bed his interest faded.

Today we have pornography, cybersex, Playboy and Penthouse, erotic toys, Sex Shops and webcams etc. People are searching for a permanent state of pleasure to avoid pain.

Sex is the most searched word on the Internet and humanity wants fun, pleasure and lust! Alcohol abuse, tobacco, drugs, video games, spending too much money, not having enough sleep All these habits have a negative effect on our health. In contrast, sexual desire is something natural that doesn’t have to be repressed! As long as you are in control, you don’t have to worry. Did you know that orange is the colour that most arouses the carnal appetite, creativity, energy and wisdom?

One last little thing: to experience passion and lust, there is no better place than Paris, the city of love. Invite your loved one to the best apartments in Paris, and enjoy your sins without limits.

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