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Pablo Picasso - Malaga's most famous son | what to visit in Malaga

Picasso and the city of Malaga

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The painting of Guernica is the most emblematic work of the twentieth century or even the most important in the history of art. Surely you know which painting it is ? Perhaps one of the best ways to see this giant painting, is by visiting the land of its Andalusian artist, the famous painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso. One must never forget where he comes from, because the roots are our origins, which shapes our steps and future. Treading in the footprints of the world’s best known artist will allow you to feel and discover the air and landscape that have inspired him since his childhood. Welcome to Malaga, one of the Europe’s most charming cities, which holds the myth of Picasso and many other treasures.


Picasso loved the tastes and the aromas of the delicious Andalusian cuisine, he liked bullfighting, the pigeons and flamenco. He even knew old songs and Andalusian expressions. Discover the capital of the Costa del Sol, ask for the Plaza de la Merced where Picasso was born in 1881, and where he started his passion for painting. Today you can visit the Museo Casa Natal, where he was born 128 years ago. Did you know that in the first moments of his life, Picasso almost died? Apparently, the doctor saved his life thanks to the smoke of his cigar! If you are still wondering where Picasso’s talent came from, keep walking around beautiful Malaga… you’ll find the answers to your questions!

You can enjoy not only its climate, its delicious cuisine and its beaches, but also its wide range of leisure and culture offerings. If you feel like a dose of art, Malaga has everything you need. You can enjoy the re-Columbian Art Museum of Benalmadena, the Engraving Museum of Marbella, or the Contemporary Art Centre of Málaga. And of course, the Picasso Museum, where you can admire more than 155 masterpieces: from his first academic studies to his personal vision of classicism, through the overlapping planes of Cubism to pottery, Malaga is an ideal candidate for being the culture capital in 2016!

Do you know that Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was also born in Malaga? Enjoy a spectacular view of Malaga from the Gibralfaro Castle, and see the beautiful port of the capital.To have time to dive into the Picasso world, book one of the most economic and comfortable Apartments in Malaga and enjoy a wonderful stay.

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