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The Tears of Eros | Thyssen Museum in Madrid | Madrid travel blog

Art, eroticism and temptation – The Tears of Eros

Too much sugar, perfume or noise….just about everything consumed excessively is bad for our health, but is it the same with sex? Even Marilyn Monroe said that she didn’t want to be just any kind of symbol, but she wanted to be considered a real sex-symbol. The cinema, literature and arts world would be very boring without temptation and erotic moments, right? The arts have always been inspired from the mysticism of eros and thanatos, love and death, orgasm and agony, ecstasy. Welcome to the exposition ‘Las lágrimas de Eros’ (The Tears of Eros) in the fantastic Thyssen Museum in Madrid and the Caja Madrid Foundation. Until the 31st of January 2010, you’ll have the possibility to discover the invisible magic of over 119 chef-d’œuvres of the history of art. Fetishism, temptation, voyeurism, homosexuality, power, offences – art just breaks each kind of taboo.


Venus, Cleopatra, Ophelia, Apollo and a lot of more mythological personalities tell us a lot of stories which can also be ours. In this way the myth of Saint Sebastian, a young Christian martyr, who was painted with an expression of agony and ecstasy in a lot of works of art, has become the symbol of the gay community. The sphinx, the earthly monster, and the siren, the three dangerous bird-women of the sea, personify together the role of the femme fatal: the sphinx represents the temptation and the siren stands for the mortal danger of the sea. Without a doubt you know some of those art pieces by Dalí, Courbet, Magritte, Munich, Picasso, Cézanne and Andy Warhol.

This outrageous exposition will really impress you. Commence an incredible trip through the passionate universe of sexual drive and human behaviour. You can even see a video of David Beckham sleeping, which is related to the myth of Endymion who spent a night on Mount Latmos while the goddess of the moon fell in love with him. Selene, the goddess’ name, asked Zeus to put Endymion into an eternal sleep so that she could always enjoy his incredible beauty. Therefore, Beckham symbolizes the sensitive masculine body, the erotic object and sexual dominance. Do you know, for example, that decapitation is a symbol of power between the two genders? The drama of David and Goliath stands exactly for this symbol: the head as a bag for a possible fetish interpretation.

From innocence to the seduction of Eve, to the torture of passion and death….this exposition presents you a spectacular voyage of discovery through the amazing world of art. Gain from your stay in Madrid and enjoy the most erotic paintings, sculptures and photography of the international history of art. You can also buy a very special present: for only 3,50€ you’ll get a set of three condoms with the picture of Eve and the snake. Like the famous French journalist Claude Mauriac said: “We are all the same. We fear death and are crazy about sex”. Do think that as well?

Now, you only have to book your flights to the amazing Spanish capital. Rent the best apartments in Madrid and wake up your hidden drives and passions. Art is always very surprising.

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