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The famous German Currywurst celebrates its 60th aniversary!

Despite the historic events, the Germans can be proud of their country. Germany is the country of poets, composers and philosophers. Throughout hte history its culture has been enriched by great masters such as Goethe, Schiller, Bach or Lessing. His extensive and broad cultural and artistic heritage is famous throughout the world. But we should not forget a very important factor. Schland, as the Germans affectionately call their country, is also the country of Currywurst (a sort of sausage with curry sauce), which today is an indispensable part of the Germanic culture. Now Berlin has opened the first museum of Currywurst in Germany. Are you hungry?

Currywurst berlin

This year Berlin does not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, but also the 60th birthday of the Currywurst. Herta Heuwer was the first person who served in her small stall in Charlottenburg fried sausages with a special tomato sauce, wit powder curry and other mysterious ingredients. Soon this little snack became a real bestseller. What once was a small strett stall, baceme suddenly into a complex industry. Today, this idea would have been, without doubt, the perfect solution to get out of the heavy financial crisis.

In August the first Currywurst Museum was opened in Germany. This striking museum is just 100 meters from Checkpoint Charlie. Here you’ll discover the history of this delicious food. Of course, the museum refused other possible origins of the Currywurst, which say that it was invented in Hamburg or in the Ruhrgebiet. According to the museum director and the Berliners, all these are only false rumors. Discover the world of this sausage and how you should eat it! As you can see, the German capital offers another spectacular museum with film screenings and a host of interactive activities.

In Germany people eat more than 800 million Currywurst per year, and approximately 70 million are consumed in Berlin. You can eat it in countless different versions, starting with the normal Fritfen Currywurst (with chips) in a street stall, to the finest restaurants, wich serves the Currywurst with gold leaf and champagne. It seems that there are no limits in terms of creativity and culinary imagination.

„Ik bin ain Berliner“, Kennedy’s historic phrase could be changed a bit in honor of the Currywurst. Discover the most delicious sousoges and its museum. Rent Apartments in Berlin and have a pleasant stay.

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