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Photoshop: to Retouch, to Embellish and many other Disasters

Posted by milanblogger | milan | Thursday 5 November 2009 2:32 pm

The twentieth century has given us one of the most useful, but also most controversial treasures of our time: the photoshop. Retouching images seems to be normal in today’s society. Whereas before you got ready a lot and you had to stand long for the perfect picture, now everything is much faster and is very easy thanks to the photoshop. You just need a digital camera, a photo editing program: put something else here, take off a little there, now I want thicker lips and removes some skin impurities…. Everything is possible! The celebrities are it main victims. And with so many retouches, sometimes the disasters are too evident.

photoshop and beauty

No wonder that the world really go crazy with the unattainable ideal of beauty. You just have to pick up any magazine and take a glance to any page, where countless perfect bodies, smooth legs, and unwrinkled faces are shown etc. But what the hell is the secret recipe of the celebrities? Is there any cure for the ugliness? No! Behind all this false hidden beauty, there are the so-called gods of the retouches. But unfortunately also the most creative editors commit dramatic mistakes, especially when working under time pressure. Even the most inattentive readers discover these errors at the first sight. These are only some possible examples: one of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins with two heads, the famous surfer Veronica Kay’s with only one leg, many model without her navel or nipples, Amy Winehouse with seven fingers in a hand, BeyoncĂ© with three arms… These are just some examples of the countless rare photos that you can see every day in the daily press.

Despite these disasters, editing photo programs can turn imagens into true art works. But the most important thing is to find the perfect mixture in order that the photos do not seem to be ugly and unnatural. After all, who has not ever wish tho have a perfect aspect? But do not worry, because the little flaws make you even more beautiful, because natural beauty is, after all, the best in the world.

If you like taking pictures, you should travel to one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. Milan is not only the birthplace of the Interancional fashion, but it also offers spectacular landscapes and places to take breathtaking pictures without the help of photoshop. Rent apartments in Milan and enjoy a comofortable and economic stay.

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