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Nudism - fighting against the climate change | Berlin blog

Nudism - fighting against the climate change

Nowadays nudism is an essential part of our society. Most people live this style of life in a very liberal way and each day they discover a new form of nudism. They just enjoy the harmony of their body and soul with the beautiful nature. But one thing is very clear: nudism isn’t only healthy for us, but also for the environment. Why don’t you join the nudism movement and participate in fighting against the alarming increase in global warming?


But why is going around without any clothes on so eco-friendly? Let’s start with the high energy costs of air conditioning. In summer the temperatures don’t only rise in southern Europe, but as well in the northern countries. While the thermometer is almost exploding, there seems to be only one solution for most of the sweating people: air-conditioning. But unfortunately they don’t think about the immense costs of electricity and energy, which are consumed for having only a few cool hours. However, the nudists are conscious of these high energy costs, so they just take off some their clothes or they get completely naked. In that way they don’t only feel free, they also refresh themselves under those hot circumstances. If more people decided to take of their clothes, they wouldn’t only save a lot of money, but as well they would fight more successfully against the climate change.

And what else could we save by going naked? Sure, the huge amount of laundries we have to do. With the fact that nudists get dressed very rarely, they don’t have to wash their clothes so much as the others do. You probably can imagine the huge saving of energy. But for giving you a better idea, here are some facts and numbers: for each 60┬║ laundry a normal washing machine needs more or less than 100 litres of water and 1-2 KW of energy. If you calculate this for each household for a long term, you will be very shocked. So, considering the energy costs, nudists have a real advantage.

With good reason nudism is also called naturism. Nudists are more conscious about nature and they experience the environment in a completely different way. Walking naked through the woods, hiking through the mountains without any clothes, or cruising naked by bike through the wonderful landscape are just indescribable experiences which make us aware of our responsibility towards nature.

Especially nowadays many environmental organizations carry out different campaigns for drawing the public’s attention to the alarming increase of global warming. In this way, more than 600 people got naked in the middle of the cold Alps for showing the world the naked truth of the planet’s pollution.

Berlin is without any doubt one of the European capitals of nudism. The German capital isn’t only considered a tolerant and open minded city, but it’s as well the very centre of many kinds of naturism. Discover this special and eco-friendly side of this amazing cosmopolitan city! Rent the best apartments in Berlin and enjoy comfortable and cheap accommodation.

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Brian Taylor - PRO for British Naturism said...

I feel a new campaign approach forming...

It is also true that naturists take less luggage on holiday, saving weight in the car or on the plane and swimming pools that run naturist sessions use less chemicals because they don’t get contaminated by detergents from costumes.

Then there is all the energy and materials consumed in the manufacture of clothes and transport to & from the shops…

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