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Do you have any reason to be angry?

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“I’m not angry!” shouts someone in the distance. Their face turns to a reddish hue, their brows are knit, everything seems black and they find it impossible to sit still. According to some demonology studies, anger actually represents the possession of a body by the demon, Amon - a Marquis of Hell. But today, neuroscientists think they have found the source of anger in a brain region called the amygdale. Is it chemistry or is it the devil? “Anger is a short madness,” said Horace.


Who has never fallen into this irrational sin? Be aware of your emotions because like the other deadly sins, anger is a fatal capital sin and has a conviction: going to the fourth circle of hell in The Divine Comedy by the Italian writer Dante Alighieri. There you’ll see your limbs torn and broken for all eternity…That’s where anger is vented. This is an “inordinate appetite for revenge,” according to Christianity.

Of the 7 deadly sins, anger is the worst because it triggers all the other vices (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, pride). It is related to the failures, frustrations and conflicts of each person and it can lead to murder, crimes of passion and physical violence, etc. Therefore, anger is the sin that kills.

Anger is a non-controlled feeling of hatred and anger. It is the only sin that is not necessarily related to egoism and self-interest (although one can have anger about selfishness, or jealousy). Psychology has much work to do about it, because the energy control is not easy. The best thing is to use this pain to strengthen our character, preferring the patience and the reflection.

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was right when he said that “the consequences of anger are always far worse than the causes that provoke it”. Neurologists say that anger comes from a brain region called the amygdale, which belongs to a primitive brain area that registers threats and the perception of danger.

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