Friday, November 20, 2009

The steamy side of Barcelona | Alternative Barcelona | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

Barcelona is a city replete with art, culture and cosmopolitanism. Everywhere you look there is a Modernist building, a Gothic church or incredible architecture by Gaudi or by Ildofonso Cerdá. Its loveliest districts say a lot about themselves: the elegance and order of the Eixample, the hustle and bustle of the Gothic Quarter, the Mediterranean flavour of La Barceloneta, the ethnic mixture of the Raval and the fashion atmosphere of El Borne.


Thousands of books refer to the city, which has always inspired artists and writers: “La Catedral del Mar” (The Cathedral of the Sea), “La Sombra del Viento”(The Shadow of the Wind), etc. And how many movies have it as a background! “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”, by Woody Allen is just the most recent example. But the truth is that Barcelona is much more than that. The city has a hot and more playful side that many people do not know, and others prefer to keep it in secret in order to safeguard its charm.

This is the most sensual, mysterious and seductive Barcelona. Join us through the Barcelona of the lovers, the Barcelona of the stolen kisses and of the furtive. Discover with us the places where love and luxury are the main protagonists.

Any self-respecting Catalan has been to La Casita Blanca, or at least knows about it. La Casita Blanca (the little white house) is a charming “hotel” that has been offering its services to many Catalan generations. This establishment, located in the Gracia district, is the perfect place for forbidden sensations, where the lovers let their passions fly for several hours. There they invent and enjoy their secrets and affairs in the strictest and most rigorous privacy. The discretion is its emblem and under this intention they promise that the lovers will only be dealt with by the staff of the house.

Another of the great classics of this naughty side of Barcelona has another name: The Bagdad club (see photo). To this club it is necessary to go at least once in your life and it does not matter if you are man or a woman. More than 20 famous international artists participate in the hottest show in all the Catalan capital: strip-teases, live sex, and erotic games with the public to name but a few things on the agenda. This club is one of the most famous erotic places in the whole country! Bagdad Barcelona is pure sin!

There are hundreds of places to let your passion fly: liberal clubs, the streets around Montjuïc (favourite place for cruising among the gay community), erotic cinemas… But if you want to spend a few days of love, lust and fun, rent apartments in Barcelona and let your imagination be your guide. The magic of the city will do the rest!

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