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Sex and Friendship – Is it Utopia or the Perfect Relationship?

Many people talk about friendship with benefits, but… Is it really a good idea? Is it possible to combine friendship and sex without one falls in love or the relationship finishes in a disaster? For some it may seem like an ideal relationship: less stressful than a commitment, but deeper than a one-night stand. What about you? Do you dare?

Sex and Friendship

A study conducted by the Michigan State University (the first study in this field) has revealed that the friend with benefits keep as many difficulties as the love relationships, contrary to what people use to think . These relationships tend to have low levels of passion, and instead aroused the same fears as the amatory relations: fear of feeling in love, fear of losing the partner, fear of having a deception, a betrayal, etc.

The same study found that these kinds of friendships have a great handicap: the opening relation to each other is blocked when sex occurs. Two friends that before could talk about everything, now they have a taboo topic: their relationship. Nevertheless, even 60% of the population admits they have had an affair like this.

But what happens over time? Normally, it is strange that this kind of relationship ends in romance. Only one of every ten couples like this prospers. One out of three, leave aside the sex and continues with a normal friendship and one out of four, breaks both the friendship and the sexual relation. The rest tends to continue its friendly relations with benefits.

Normally, the people who engage in this type of look for an average term between the commitment and the affair, which does not take them to the total tie, but it makes them feel safe. In psychological terms the FWB are more like a friendship than like a romance. According to the same study, friends with benefits are in the midst of a scale where the passion and the commitment are at their lowest index. Thus, both components feel that their friendship goes into an uncertain territory and that something is going wrong.

While on the other hand, the sex between friends has fascinating moments. Who would know you better than your best friend? If you know how to control the situation, this relationship can become even idyllic. You just have to understand that the everyone’s sexual life belongs to the kingdom of freedom and one has to respect it.

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