Monday, November 23, 2009

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You, a Deserted Island and an Object

We tend to imagine it round, green and surrounded by a water so blue that no one dares to set a foot inside… We idealized it without dangerous animals, with something to build a hut, with some food and above all, with something something to keep us entertained. If you had to carry a single object to a desert island, which one would you take with you?

Deserted Island

A cell phone or a computer don’t have eternal life, and soon the battery will die, so forget the technology. Where are you going to plug them? Bad idea, so be realist! Some people would take with them their cat, some a toothbrush, others a mirror, others a boat to flee, a guitar, a bottle to launch a distress message, a photo, a book or even some tweezers! Everyday objects invade us with advertising and we think that everything is very useful to us. Then we to become accustomed to have them with us and when we forget them at home we lose our head. The novels, movies and TV characters have experienced it for yerars: to live on a desert island is a suicide! You better stay at home with your music, your bed, and your favourite objects.

Survivors Island, Koh Lanta, The Beach, Robinso Crusoe, Alone in the World, Lost, etc, are some of the fictions created by man and his imagination. But there are real things that will leave you open-mouthed: Do you know that Vatu Vara Island in Fiji is the most expensive in the world? It costs $ 75 million, almost 52 million euros. Giving a price to a piece of land, how does it work? Anyway, if you have enough money to buy it, your neighbor will be Mel Gibson, who owns Mago Island. Even the city of Valencia has created a project called « La Isla Luna Artificial », a giant urban complex, like any big city but surrounded by water and with many leisure activities, like in a theme park. Meanwhile, the Balearic Islands are famous for their festive atmosphere and its wonderful beaches. Take advantage and go to Valencia on holidays! Enjoy its great parties and its beautiful beaches ; try the succulent paella, the horchata, and go cruising to Mallorca or Ibiza.

Now let’s be a little more realistic. Buy your ticket and take with you your favorite object and travels to Valencia to enjoy a veritable paradise. Rent apartments in Valencia and enjoy a day cruise to the Baleares Islands.

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