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Modern Day deadly Sins | Madrid Travel | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

1500 years ago, the Pope Gregoire I was listing the seven deadly sins condemned by the Catholic Church. Do you know them from memory? Everybody has some tendency to wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony: they’re natural human traits. In March 2008, the Vatican updated the sins list in order to modernize them and make them reflect our modern day society. Seven, like the seven dwarfs, the seven days, the seven arts or the seven miracles - this number is a perfect number and symbol of plenitude according to San Agustin, of punishment and penitence as well for The Bible.


Imagine that one night you are feeling really low, you eat some sweets to relax but you finish the entire packet. Then, you decide to go out to the disco to dance but you never invite your friends. Then you are see the person you are interested in leaving with aother and you feel very jealous. So you prefer to go back to home. In this case, this is a total of five deadly sins! The most important is to not fall into the sin of excess. They say that women sin first by gluttony and after by pride, while men are fragile regarding lust and secondly gluttony.

You won’t carry out genetic manipulations. No human experiments  including on embryos. You won’t contaminate the environment. You won’t cause social injustice. You won’t cause poverty. You won’t enrich yourself at the expense of others. You won’t consume drugs. For two years, these are the new deadly socials sins condemned by the Catholic Church. It seems that devoted people do not confess their sins as before – only 60% according to the Apostolic Penitence’s spokesman, Gianfranco Girotti.

We have to make a big effort to listen to the little angel who counsels them on chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility. So who thinks that new sins will be punished? One paradoxical example is the creation of a new video game in 2010, Dante’s Hell, which invites us to kill monsters in different Purgatory scenes. This can be a human’s experience, can’t it? Video games are a kind of alienation and manipulation like advertising and a lot more things, too.

You will sin if you have never watched Seven (1995) the fantastic film by David Fincher and if you have never read The Divine Comedy (1308-1321) by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. You will commit a third deadly sin if you have never visited Madrid: in the Museo del Prado, you can see “The table of deadly sins”, a large painting by Dutch artist Bosch (1485).

Enjoy a visit to the lovely Spanish capital to visit El Prado, where you can see other emblematic paintings by Bosch whose topics are human’s sins: The Garden of Earthly Delights. Paradise and innocence, lust and sin, hell and punishment are illustrated in a triptych. To be safe of the other sins, rent apartments in Madrid, and enjoy the trip!

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