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One of the most important along with one of the most difficult decisions is without any doubt the question of coming out of the closet or not. Thousands of persons have been hiding their sexual orientation and with it, their real personality for years. However this little secret can make their life a lot of more complicated and they let themselves be locked into their own little world where they can’t enjoy one of the most appreciated values of humanity: liberty. It’s up to each person, but finally everyone comes to the conclusion that coming out of the closet liberates them from inner tensions and social oppression.


Some persons disclose their sexual orientation just after noticing it, and others, including the majority of homosexuals, don’t have the courage to make this big step and they wait until they can’t stand it anymore. In the end, opening oneself up to the family and friends can involve two different parts, a negative and a positive. The good news is that “coming out” doesn’t have to be so traumatic as most homosexuals think and furthermore, it’s something that can be done. The bad news is that since the first coming out you have to out yourself to all new and important friends and colleagues, etc. However, as time passes, the “coming out” will be getting more and easier and it will be less difficult to talk about his sexual orientations without having to talk about the details.

Nowadays, homosexuality is an essential part of society and is mainly accepted. Throughout history more and more famous personalities have outed themselves as homosexual or bisexual, like for example Elton John, Pedro Almodóvar, Jodie Foster, Freddie Mercury, Wolfgang Joop, Megan Fox, Leisha Halley, George Michael…All of those who are still hiding their secret should act like the celebrities who although are always at the centre of attention and the press is continuously hunting them for new scandals, they disclose their sexual orientation and remain faithful to themselves.

The gay community however, still has to fight against a lot of cases of homophobia in their work place or private life. Society still has a long way to go to reach the total acceptance of homosexuality. The best example in this context is the legalization of homosexual marriages, which is forbidden in many countries or even punished by death.

One of the gay capitals par excellence is without any doubt Madrid. This wonderful cosmopolitan capital has changed a lot during the last few decades. Nowadays it is considered one of the most tolerant and open minded cities in Europe. Why don’t you spend an unforgettable vacation in the Spanish capital and feel completely free? Rent the best apartments in Madrid and enjoy an economic and comfortable accommodation.

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