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The Other Side of Berlin: Best of Fetish

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For several years now, Berlin became one of the major European capitals of leisure and freedom. There are only a few other cities in the world who are even more tolerant and open-minded. Many Berliners, in line with that liberal thinking, are tired of the classic disco parties where people just dance, drink and socialize. So lately, a growing number of fetish clubs opened their doors, mainly visit by people in their thirties and onwards.

Berlin fetish clubs

These fetish clubs are disco’s where nightlife is combined with sex. In general, there are three different rooms: one to dance, like in any other club, one to drink something and socialize, and a third one for sex.

Contrary to what you might think, these places are for everyone, not only for sadomasochists. Besides, probably you relate the word ‘Sadomasochism’ with people who find sexual pleasure in beatings, but it’s much more then that. We owe the word to two philosophers, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and the Marquis de Sade.

Masoch was an Austrian thinker who studied sexual pleasures. His philosophy is extensive and difficult to summarize in one sentence but he wrote that a masochist is someone who enjoys physical pain, in other words, who is submissive. Surprisingly, specialists mention the pleasure that is obtained by using the own pain to dominate the executor.

Sade on the other hand, was a controversial French philosopher who spends most of his life behind bars for his liberal lifestyle and sexual activity. He continuously questioned both the church and the state. His philosophy was based on achieving sexual pleasure through the pain of others. In sadomasochistic terms this means he was dominant. A good sadist should know how to convert pain into pleasure.

Thus, both the slave and the master search for sexual pleasure and want to develop their intellectual, moral and sexual capacities.

These kind of clubs attract both the curious and the lovers of sex. They all have their own code, their values to assure the wellbeing of their clients. Both parties must consent to engage in sexual play, or if it’s is a group, each and every one of its members. Respect is the fundamental value here. Want to discover all the temptations offered by a city like Berlin? The German capital is more than just culture and beer. Discover the hidden side!

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